Creating Moments


Most of all, we believe that in life, some things we remember, and some other things we forget. We love to create moments. Something new, something emotional, something meaningful that we can remember for the rest of our life.

Inspira provides a space to be able to feel the precious moments in life through a series of activities that can be experienced by superteams.

Through this activity, we hope that superteams can share good vibes with each other by helping other people’s work that has not been done or experienced before.

At this moment, of course, we always rely on being willing to give and share to those in need, just like one of the practices instilled in Inspiras, namely “give give give” in the values ​​of happiness.

Of course, while carrying on that, the superteams also apply practice “no blame, no excuse, and no justify” (happiness values). This must always be instilled so that what we distribute does happen sincerely, positive energy can be a source of happiness for people around us.


We hope all of you can feel this moment and create your own moment of happiness!