By Afrig Wasiso, Co Founder – CEO Inspira Group

I love confident people. They fire up my enthusiasm. They become a cure for my pessimistic-realistic nature. I love them, and I feel attracted to their energy. 

But now after being stupid and being smarter throughout these years, i reallise there are two kinds of confident people. It might be obvious for some of you. But it took me years to learn that they are different.

Type 1 : There are people who are confident because they understand so much about the situation and they understand every consequence of what they are doing.

Type 2 : There are people who are confident because they have no idea what they are dealing with (Dia pede karena dia saking gak paham nya apa yang lagi dia hadapi, hehehe)

“Let’s do it man, I am confident, 100% sure it will be a huge success!”

“Guys, we will achieve 10x this year, I am not just announcing to you our target, I know the steps to go there!”

“Gila, parah yakin banget saya bro, yakin seyakin yakinnya! Kalo kita stok, jangan tanggung-tanggung yang banyak sekalian. Pasti habis ini barang!”

“We are un-chase-able bro, our organization is solid, our competition is faraway behind!”

Look at those sentences. I swear to God, the sentences coming out of their mouth can exactly be the same. Between the type 1 of confident people, and the type 2, they can say exactly the same words. Even their face when they are saying it, their vibrant emotion. All are exactly the same. They are genuinely being personally confident!

We can not distinguish between the two, only from words or facial expressions. 

So, how to distinguish whether he/she is type 1 or type 2?

You can only distinguish between them, by asking questions that chunking down everything. Exploring the “hows” , the “whos” and the “numbers.” Then only it becomes clear. 

People say what they say, based on perception. And perception is not free from distortion, deletion of facts, and generalization. That’s where the chunking down process is super important.

As I said, it might be obvious for some of you, but it took me years to understand these two types of confident people and how to respond accordingly :).

Yesterday, someone told me, there’s a psychological explanation about this phenomena and it is called The Dunning Kruger Effect. Those who are interested, can learn more about this.